Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Run Level Zero

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Run Level Zero is a swedish electro-industrial group formed in January 1999 by Hans Åkerman and Fredrik Solenberg. Current line-up is Hans Åkerman (vocals), Ville Hising (keyboards) and Ola Sundell (live drums).

RUN LEVEL ZERO-And Thus We Walked (2004)

Style: EBM, Dark Electro
Year: 2004
Label: Memento Materia
Country: Sweden


01. Short Cuts (Club Mix) 4:38
02. Under The Gun (Cal.50 remix By X-Fusion) 4:49
03. Headless (Rotersand's Downsized Rework) 5:42
04. Tell-tale Art 4:11
05. Generic Warmth 4:17
06. CNN of Worms (Remixed By Interlace) 4:20
07. Short Cuts 6:26
08. Flesh Reflections (Mirrored By F. Solenberg) 5:15


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