Friday, April 27, 2007

The Panic Lift

The Panic Lift - Dancing Through The Ashes EP 2007

The Panic Lift announces the release of a limited edition EP titled "Dancing Through The Ashes". "Dancing Through The Ashes" combines 5 the band's original tracks with an additional 4 bonus remixes coming from the very best musicians in the Tri-State area industrial scene. These 9 tracks, With a limited edition press, will only be sold on the bands summer and fall 2006 US tour dates.

New Jersey Etats-Unis
GENRE: Harsh EBM/Dark Electro


1.Everything I Have
3.No Trace To Love
4.Seasons Change
5.Dawn Of Fate
6.Everything I Have (Xentrifuge Remix)
7.Failsafe (Life Cried Remix)
8.No Trace To Love (Cenotype Remix)
9.Dawn Of Fate (Eridite Remix)

Saturday, April 14, 2007



CENTHRON: Melek Taus (2002)
Artist: Centhron
Genre: EBM, Dark Electro
Country: Germany


01. Troops of deride
02. Gleichschritt
03. Front Angel
04. Gott du Schlampe
05. Flames in Eden
06. Machine`s Supremacy
07. Tanz im Sternenfeuer
08. Melek Taus
09. Geist
10. Menschenmaterial
11. Firerealms
12. Schwarze Fee

Friday, April 13, 2007

V/A Gothic Rarities Collection1

Genre: ElectronicStyle: Synthpop, EBM
Released: 2003


01 L'ame Immortelle - The Truth Behind
02 Clan Of Xymox - There's No Tomorrow (Fading Colours Rmx)
03 Umbra Et Imago - Sex Statt Krieg (Love And Peace Mix)
04 Garden Of Delight - Shariah (Sintra Mix)
05 Diorama - E-Minor (Banghra Version)
06 ASP - The Little Big Man (Hungry Lucy Rmx)
07 Diary Of Dreams - She (Demonic Mix)
08 Samsas Traum - Kamikaze (Club Rmx)
09 Terminal Choice - I Don't Believe
10 Clear Vision - The Call (Ultimate)
11 In Strict Confidence - Stern (Nasa Mix)
12 Sleepwalk - Collision (Noisex Rmx)
13 Pzycho Bitch - Big Lover (Sleepwalk Mix)
14 Battery - Doppelganger (Majestic) (Fishtank No.9 Rmx)
15 Die Form - Sadia (Rmx)16 Hocico - Episodio
16 Hocico-Episodio


Thursday, April 12, 2007

(VAC vs Funker Vogt)

Funker Vogt 'Remix Wars - Strike 4
Remix Wars - Strike 4 (VAC vs Funker Vogt)1999



1. Fortunes Of War (Vaporized Mix by VAC)
2. International Killer (We Won The War Mix by VAC)
3. Civil War (Tripping In Boot Camp Mix by VAC)
4. Futile (Resisted Mix by Funker Vogt)
5. Malfunction (Destructive Mix by Funker Vogt)
6. The Dead (Alive Mix by Funker Vogt)

(-•DIN FIV•-)

Din fiv was a side-project of David Din of the EBM group Informatik.

Din fiv - Infinity (1996)

Label: Metropolis
Country: US
Genre:EBM, Dark Electro, Industrial


01 Time Of Death (5:54) Mixed By - Raziel Panic
02 Piss Christ (v2.0) (4:04) Vocals - Franklin Gunn
03 Control Group (6:21)
04 Ball & Chain (5:25)
05 Not Our Love (4:23)
06 Let It Go (6:39)
07 Terminal Condition (4:30)
08 Insanity Is Contagious (6:22)
09 Wasted On You (4:18)
10 Atonement (5:20)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


"Official site"

Prager Handgriff is a German-speaking music project
Elektro-Umfeld which was created in 1990.

Close to calva y nada, Prager handgriff is an
groups ebm German.
To discover.

Der Prager Handgriff"HANDARBEITEN"Remix
Released: 30 Aug 2005


1.01 Arbeit, Sport Und Spiel (6:17)
1.02 Schlagende Wetter (Hartz IV Remix) (4:45)
1.03 Schindluder (Fast & Loose Mix) (3:59)
1.04 Frontal (B7 Remix) (4:14)
1.05 Monsun (Hitzschlag Mix) (3:53)
1.06 1000 Feuer (Phoenix Mix) (4:37)
1.07 Traumsequenz (Trauma Mix) (4:49)
1.08 Elektrostahl (Ruhrstahl Mix) (4:27)
1.09 Klaustrophobie (Manfred K. Mix) (3:18)
1.10 Kick & Rush (Giuseppe-Meazza Mix) (5:03)
1.11 Bilder Meiner Angst (Nachtmahr Remix) (4:37)
1.12 Schöne Neue Welt (Aldous Mix) (4:05)
1.13 Maschinensturm (Weber Mix) (3:45)


2.01 Alles Das Und Gar Nichts (6:13)
2.02 Deutschland? (Wintermärchen Mix) (5:19)
2.03 Sehnsucht (Puszta Mix) (6:33)
2.04 Schwermetall (Montan Remix) (4:27)
2.05 Herzblut (Kardio Mix) (4:35)
2.06 Tibet (Dalai Lama Mix) (3:52)
2.07 Augenblick (Inkubator Remix) (4:31)
2.08 Baskerville (Sir Arthur Mix) (5:00)
2.09 Unter Der Stadt (Dixie Remix) (6:23)
2.10 Natur (Flora & Fauna Mix) (6:00)
2.11 Zu Viele Worte (Legasthenie Mix) (4:53)
2.12 Zukunftsmusik (Vorwärts Mix) (4:11)


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Run Level Zero

"Official site"
Run Level Zero is a swedish electro-industrial group formed in January 1999 by Hans Åkerman and Fredrik Solenberg. Current line-up is Hans Åkerman (vocals), Ville Hising (keyboards) and Ola Sundell (live drums).

RUN LEVEL ZERO-And Thus We Walked (2004)

Style: EBM, Dark Electro
Year: 2004
Label: Memento Materia
Country: Sweden


01. Short Cuts (Club Mix) 4:38
02. Under The Gun (Cal.50 remix By X-Fusion) 4:49
03. Headless (Rotersand's Downsized Rework) 5:42
04. Tell-tale Art 4:11
05. Generic Warmth 4:17
06. CNN of Worms (Remixed By Interlace) 4:20
07. Short Cuts 6:26
08. Flesh Reflections (Mirrored By F. Solenberg) 5:15



ASP is a gothic / darkwave Electro band which was founded in 1999 in Frankfurt,Main (Germany). Today's members are: Asp (Alexander Frank Spreng) - vocals, Matthias Ambre - guitar, Andreas Gross - bass guitar and Oliver Himmighoffen responsible for the drums.

ASP - Hast Du Mich Vermisst (2004)

Style: Electro-Gothic,
Gothic, Gothic Metal
Germany/Year: 2004


01. Intro - In Meiner Vorstellung
02. Schwarzer Schmetterling
03. Where Do The Gods Go
04. Dancing
05. Kuss Mich
06. Sing Child
07. Teach Me War
08. Imbecile Anthem
09. Und Wir Tanzten (Ungeschickte Leibesbriefe)
10. Blinded
11. Where Do The Gods Go (Re-unleashed Club Edit)
12. Where Do The Gods Go (Exclusive Club Single Edit)
13. Where Do The Gods Go (Art Of Erbus Rmx)
14. Where Do The Gods Go (Hecq Rmx)



Monday, April 9, 2007

Tyske Ludder

"Official site"

Creutzfeld + BONUS (Re-Release 2006)


1. Zeichen Der Zeit
2. Inferno
3. Schwarzes Wasser
4. D B B B
5. Sieben Tage Lang (Original by Bots)
6. Schwarze Lippe
7. Bionic Impression (Suttercaine remix)
8. Wir Sind Des Geyers Schwarzer Haufen
09. Zeichen Der Zeit (I'am Your Sword remix by Vicious Alliance)
10. Sieben Tage Lang 2006 (Wertstahl remix - Original by Bots)
11. Zeichen Der Zeit (Nordheim Hartkern by Wertstahl)
12. Inferno (C23mix by XP8)
13. Monotonie (Life Liked remix)
14. Hexenjagd (Witches United by Fabrikc)
15. Monotonislam (Wertstahl remix)



New project from Mannheim, Germany - SCHALLFAKTOR offers a powerful Electro/EBM attack with lots of pulsating tracks for the clubs! Hard & pumping beats, voice samples and distorted vocals plus melodic elements make "Schmerzgrenze" a surprising great album for all lovers of harsh Electro & EBM !..............................................


Label: Schallfaktor
Style: EBM, dark-electro
Country: Deutschland


01. Intro 03:15
02. Menschen 04:34
03. Selbstmordgedanken 05:
04 04. Cokain 05:12
05. Seelenfresser 04:50
06. Deine Welt 05:10
07. Glaskastentraum 04:34
08. Gezeugt in Hass 05:12
09. End Of Love 05:19
10. Psychokiller 05:23
11. Aroused 05:38

Sunday, April 8, 2007


E-Craft is a German aggrotech/electro-industrial band. Borrowing some elements from noise, their music is often more aggressive and hard hitting than other bands in the same genre.

E-Craft - Unsocial Themes 2007
aggrotech/electro-industrial /GEARMANY


01. Leid-Tier
02. Revolts Blood
03. Invasion Destructive
04. Easy To F**k!
05. Necromanie
06. Violent Freaks
07. Feindfahrt
08. Gerichtet V2.0
09. My Techno Body Whore
10. Funny Stuff And Violence
11. Charged Batteries

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Here a project of the type-setter of tumor to which the music dark ebm remains close to calva y nada and terminal choice of the old periods with a sound well involving as well as a quite powerful environment electro dark.

Waldgeist: Der Schlachter

Chris Poh-Programming-Vocals-Lyrics
Electro dark EBM

Chris Pohl, Tumor


1. Der Schlachter (05:30)
2. Der Schlachter (Blut Mix) (05;36)
3. Schattentanz (05:09)
4. Einsam (05:02)
5. Killer (05:25)
6. Der Schlachter (Zombie Mix) (05:10)Bonus-Tracks:
7.Hidden Track (05:16)
8.In Einer Dunklen Nacht (VNV Nation mix) (04:19)
9. Rumpelstilzchen (Radio-Edit) (04:53)
10. Teletubbie Terror (05:14)




Grendel started out in 1997 under a different name, but due to the band splitting up the name was changed to the current one. The name Grendel originates from a character in an 8th century Old English epic 'Beowulf'. In this very long tale a beast, named Grendel, attacks the local meadhall and shockingly devours the village...

Grendel - Pax Psychosis

Grendel -Prescription:Medicide -
limited 2CD (2004)
Electro dark EBM
Tracklist Album-
01 Construct Construction
02 Crucify
03 Guilt by Association
04 Pax Psychosis
05 Dream
06 Prescription:Medicide
07 Social Distortion
08 Fatal Flaws
09 Rotting Garden
10 Kurtzlimitierte Bonus-

CD2 bonus

01 Pax Psychosis - Videoclip
02 Rotting Garden (Infekktion remix)
03 Fatal Flaw (Ah Cama Sotz remix)
04 Pax Psychosis (Tactical Sekt remix)
05 Crucify (Urkom remix)
06 Pax Psychosis (4/4 whore mix)
07 Zombie Nation

Thursday, April 5, 2007

X Marks the Pedwalk

X Marks the Pedwalk (sometimes written as X-Marks the Pedwalk was a German bandwhose styles ranged from post-industrial dance to electronic body music. X Marks the Pedwalk’s influence in the industrial and electronic music scenes was considerable during the 1990s, as they were one of the first and most popular acts from the now defunct record label, Zot Ommog.

X Marks The Pedwalk
old school EBM, electro-industrial, dark electro
Album: Human Desolation
Year: 1992


01-I See You
02-The Relapse
05-Criminal Disharmony
06-Paranoid Illusions
08-The Trap
10-...Call You...
11-Don't Fall Asleep


Establishment: 1992 origin: Germany - Witten category: Electrical Website: current ones and/or last occupation singing, texts, arrangement: Volker Lutz Sampling: Thorsten Brenda key board, texts: Olive Taranczewski the German electrical volume Evils Toy (T.O.Y.) in the summer 1992 in Witten by Volker Lutz and Thorsten Brenda one created. 1998 become the native Darmstaedter of olive Taranczewski third volume member, Thorsten Brenda step out some time later. The music style is a mixture from electronic Popmusik with Drum'n'Bass loans, publications before 1995 steered however strongly into the Dark Electro surrounding field. Around the turn of the century came out from Evils Toy the Future Pop project T.O.Y..

EVIL'S TOY - Evilution (2002)
2002: Electro, Industrial , EBM

01 Make Up
02 Third World War
03 Sacrifice
04 Dear God
05 Organics
06 Home
07 Mad Modern Dream
08 Lucifer's Garden
09 Illusion 1
0 Transparent Frequencies
11 Angels Only!
12 Virtual State
13 Style
14 Co Existence (Base Mix)
15 Make Up 2002 (Remixed By Funker Vogt)


"official site"

KiEw is a German electro-industrial project founded in late 1990 by Andreas "Thedi" Thedens. It started with avant-garde and dada-industrial sound experiments, later changing to more rhythmic power electro-industrial/power noise. The band uses a lot of break beat and techno elements and voice samples from movies, audio book...


Genre:Electro industriel EBM


01 DCDisk (DD Version)
02 DCDisk (Soman Special Edit)
03 Graograman (Leaether Strip Remix)
04 Sojifu (Cleaned)
05 Zentrifuge
06 DCDisk (Rotersand Vintage Rework) 07 Anstalt
08 Silence
09 Graograman (DJ Rexx Arkana vs. Dracos Techtro Remix)
10 DCDisk (Damaged Remix By Tweakerray)
11 Staub (Mondstaub Remix)

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

calva y nada

CALVA Y NADA constitute one of the most innovating groupings of the Electro Dark German Wave, that from principles of 90´s, when electro-dark was a Renaissance for music, hit to us and it continues it doing, maintaining an unalterable and original style from their first album "Felizes Day" (1991) to the most recent "Schlaf" (1998), that many have tried to even relate to the band of 80´s D.A.F., but that in fact it has very little to do, when conformamar a being of most particular.

Genre:Electro dark,Darkwave,EBM


01.Kalte Messer "5:20
02.Finstere Zeit "4:48
03.Humgesang "I2:30
04.La Muerte Chiquita "3:26
05.Aufprall "4:06
06.Camera Obscura "3:19
07.Soledad "1:41
08.Los Santos Inocentes "3:36
09.Humgesang II0:44
10.Das Narrenschiff "3:36
11.Das grosse Schweigen" 4:40
12.Croquis "2:25
13.Canciones verdes infantiles "4:10
14.Ven y verás "3:49
15.Cycyzoqui (fight back) "2:00
16.Endlos "5:23