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Establishment: 1992 origin: Germany - Witten category: Electrical Website: current ones and/or last occupation singing, texts, arrangement: Volker Lutz Sampling: Thorsten Brenda key board, texts: Olive Taranczewski the German electrical volume Evils Toy (T.O.Y.) in the summer 1992 in Witten by Volker Lutz and Thorsten Brenda one created. 1998 become the native Darmstaedter of olive Taranczewski third volume member, Thorsten Brenda step out some time later. The music style is a mixture from electronic Popmusik with Drum'n'Bass loans, publications before 1995 steered however strongly into the Dark Electro surrounding field. Around the turn of the century came out from Evils Toy the Future Pop project T.O.Y..

EVIL'S TOY - Evilution (2002)
2002: Electro, Industrial , EBM

01 Make Up
02 Third World War
03 Sacrifice
04 Dear God
05 Organics
06 Home
07 Mad Modern Dream
08 Lucifer's Garden
09 Illusion 1
0 Transparent Frequencies
11 Angels Only!
12 Virtual State
13 Style
14 Co Existence (Base Mix)
15 Make Up 2002 (Remixed By Funker Vogt)

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