Wednesday, April 4, 2007

calva y nada

CALVA Y NADA constitute one of the most innovating groupings of the Electro Dark German Wave, that from principles of 90´s, when electro-dark was a Renaissance for music, hit to us and it continues it doing, maintaining an unalterable and original style from their first album "Felizes Day" (1991) to the most recent "Schlaf" (1998), that many have tried to even relate to the band of 80´s D.A.F., but that in fact it has very little to do, when conformamar a being of most particular.

Genre:Electro dark,Darkwave,EBM


01.Kalte Messer "5:20
02.Finstere Zeit "4:48
03.Humgesang "I2:30
04.La Muerte Chiquita "3:26
05.Aufprall "4:06
06.Camera Obscura "3:19
07.Soledad "1:41
08.Los Santos Inocentes "3:36
09.Humgesang II0:44
10.Das Narrenschiff "3:36
11.Das grosse Schweigen" 4:40
12.Croquis "2:25
13.Canciones verdes infantiles "4:10
14.Ven y verás "3:49
15.Cycyzoqui (fight back) "2:00
16.Endlos "5:23


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