Sunday, April 8, 2007


E-Craft is a German aggrotech/electro-industrial band. Borrowing some elements from noise, their music is often more aggressive and hard hitting than other bands in the same genre.

E-Craft - Unsocial Themes 2007
aggrotech/electro-industrial /GEARMANY


01. Leid-Tier
02. Revolts Blood
03. Invasion Destructive
04. Easy To F**k!
05. Necromanie
06. Violent Freaks
07. Feindfahrt
08. Gerichtet V2.0
09. My Techno Body Whore
10. Funny Stuff And Violence
11. Charged Batteries

1 comment:

SuspiroGotico said...


me ganaste a poner este disco!! jeje!

Realmente esta muy bueno!!

para mi uno de los mejores de E-Craft!!