Tuesday, May 22, 2007


After their highly successful selling single ''To Our Remains'', here is their first full length album by this German electronic duo. The two members of Re/Work already contributed remixes to various bands like Ravenous, Funker Vogt or Lights of Euphoria even before their first single was released. The album Impluse now contains 11 tracks of finest electro industrial between danceable club tracks and aggressive industrial hymns. A new discovery in electro and one of the most promising acts for Bloodline this year.

Impulse (Album - DigiPack)2001
Label/Kontakt: Bloodline
Deutschland / Germany

01. Intro
02. The Sun
03. From mind
04. Civilisation
05. Pulse
06. Inside You
07. Horizon Approaching
08. Lava
09. Neophyte
10. Solid Nation
11. To Our Remains


André Faria said...

this album is quite good. Tough, their 2nd album is not as good as this one...

~DARKNESS~ said...

Hola André Faria!
yes what you say is true!
you are right and I agree with you.