Sunday, May 27, 2007


Minimalist and straight to the point, on their new output, Laut!, Proceed pay obvious reverence to their roots, without ever stepping into the “retro”-trap. Looking backwards has never been their thing, anyway - it is intelligent, aggressive, minimal dance music they seek to create. “Laut!” is, thus, the logical evolution of the band’s sound. On a rock-solid foundation of thudding beats and heavy sequencers, Proceed set off a fireworks display of versatile electronic sounds. André S.’s characteristic and rasp vocal style delivers the provocative and cynical lyrics with an aggressive intensity. “Laut!” is an arousing club-inferno… hard and with bulls-eye precision… and always intelligent.Fresh and new breed of EBM, and one that actually deserves to be termed that way.

PROCEED-Laut 2007 EP
Official site:
Label : Out Of Line
Country : Germany
Genre : EBM

01 Laut 03:35
02 Waving 03:20
03 Spiegelschoenheit (Filter A) 03:49
04 Super Boy Killer 03:53
05 Everyting I Do 03:11
06 Alles 04:08
07 Laut (Locker und Lassigue By Haujobb) 04:59

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