Wednesday, May 9, 2007



Amduscia is a electronic music band consisting of three members, Marco Polo (vocal, lyrics, sampling), Edgard (synth programming, sampling, mixing) and Raul (keyboard and sampling), and was founded in 1999 in Mexico City. The group's name is derived from demon Amdukias in medieval demonolgy.

Amduscia - Melodies For The Devil

Year: 2003Label: Out Of Line
Style: Electro, Industrial
Country:Mexico city


01 Beyond The Darkness (Raving Mix) (5:40)
02 Killing Mission (6:55)
03 Dios Vuelto Miseria (6:49)
04 Merciless Vain Reign (6:39)
05 Fucking Flesh (Raw Mix) (5:12)
06 Melodies For The Devil (6:01)
07 Seeing You Pray (6:48)
08 Embrion (6:20)
09 Evil Song (Paradise Mix) (5:39)
10 Profano Tu Cruz (Full Version) (6:29)

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