Thursday, March 1, 2007


WILL is the legendary side-project from RHYS FULBER (FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY, producer of FEAR FACTORY and MACHINE HEAD) and CHRIS PETERSON (FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY, DECREE). "Deja-vu" is a retrospective album featuring material from WILLÍs two previous releases (1988-1992):"Word FleshStone" and "Pearl of a great price" with MICHAEL BALCH on guitar (MINISTRY, NUMB). WILL's work have been out-print for the last 4 years and has become a rare collectors item. Its dark and dramatic sound, with classically inspired imagery and lyrics is totally unique and timeless. It is packaged in a new custom designed digi-pack artwork with gorgeous graphics in the same mediaval vein than the 2 previous releases. Deja-vu is a very exceptional album with its self-described Electro-Wagnerian style. It will appeal to the fans of the bands and the followers of Electronic music alike.


I appreciate this become album collector by its music
ambient electro dark possessing a vampirique atmosphere!


01 Summoning -3:12
02 Crowning Glory- 5:24
03 Exhaust Inhibits -3:44
04 Sacrament of Penance -5:19
05 Crusade -4:11
06 Visible Second Coming -5:09
07 Furnace of Souls -4:08
08 Father Forgive -4:34
(Remixed version)
0 9 Crimson Flow -4:46
10 Epilogue -3:38
11 Measures Remedial -4:14
12 Furnace Rekindled -4:58
13 All Victorious -4:21
14 Triumph -3:39
15 Kingdom Come -4:18
16 Souls of the Valiant -5:38

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L. Bishop said...

Wow, incredible album Darkness. Im very anxiuos to download and hear it. I knew other early first years F.L.A. projects like Synaesthesia or Pro-Tech, but i didnt know WILL.

Lot of thanks.... :P
I cant find the download link :S