Sunday, March 11, 2007


Here my choice for this superb compil independence
Vol-2 of the year 2007!!
This compil contains electro ebm industrial,

"synth pop future pop","electro dark EBM"
Unreleased** Rare January 19 2007 will see

the release of "Dependence Volume 2",
compilation disc of unreleased material from

Dependent label artists. Also this "Dependence"
compilation concentrates on the label's own artists,
setting new standards of quality in electroindustrial sector.

V/A - Dependence Vol. 2
Release date: 19.01.2007


* Unreleased
** Rare
01 Seabound - The Promise (Alternate)*
02 Mindless Faith - Independence Day (Precursor Mix)*
03 Fractured - Cold Eyes (Reprise)*
04 Pride and Fall - Adored*
05 Rotersand - Merging Oceans (2007 re-work)*
06 Edge Of Dawn - Damage (Forma Tadre Remix)*
07 NNN feat. Dismantled - We Were*
08 Flesh Field - Swarm*
09 Ivory Frequency - Clock Is Ticking Fast (Demo Version)*
10 Autoaggression - Speed*
11 Insekt - Bambifucker (Remix Version)*
12 Suicide Commando - Second Death**
13 - Give Me My Life**
14 Stromkern - Hindsight (Extended)**



SuspiroGotico said...

Thankz!! looks great!

.. Megaupload >_< !!!


Merci suspirugotico!
Désolé para megaupload pero mi fichié sobrepasa 100 MB y mi fichié es demasiado grande para otros servidores . .

Ihintza said...

Darkness, por si hacen falta servidores, acá hay una lista que me ha sido de utilidad, espero te sirva:



Ok IHINTZA!no hay problema!
Se ve para tu lista?

L. Bishop said...

Like we say in Spain: !!!OLEEEEE!!! :P, really nice compilation, i was loocking for this album for a long time, and now here is :)

Lot of thanks Darkness


PD: Really an incredible list of bands for Dependent Records... all are great acts.