Saturday, March 24, 2007


The German EBM project ''Cyborg Attack'' were for the first time presented on Black Rain Compilation Vol. 1 with their hard-hitting track ''Warrior''. Finally their debut album
arrives!''Blutgeld'' presents rough EBM and is thematically a kick in the ass of all people who dedicated their lives in making money and getting power at the expense of others. A must have for lovers of hard EBM ! Cyborg Attack have earned themselves an extremely faithfull fanbase of EBM followers, being uncompromising in their persuit of old-school EBM sounds, even when the musical style was out of vogue on underground dancefloors worldwide. Finally returning four long years after their last album "BLUTGELD" and EP "TOXIC", new CD "Stoerf***tor" is loud, solid, straight forward and uncompromising EBM that takes no prisoners and cuts no corners. Tracks such as "Psycho-X",
"Stoerf***tor"and"Maschinenmensch" are sure to assimilate dancefloors worldwide soon with an avalanche of solid beats, pumping sequences and attacking vocal assaults...Now the cybernetic threat has allways become a new reality!:: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE !!! He aquí mi lo que y' de mejor en cyborg attack!Un su dio ritmo más y más rápido que afecta dura blutgeld así como su ep son veritablement un must!


GENRE:electro dark ebm
Release date:2001-12-04

- tracklist -

01. Blutgeld (Part I)

02. Bitch
03. Agony
04. Ignoranz
05. Dunkle Visionen
06. War Desire
07. Paranoid
08. Warrior
09. Bloody Truth
10. Blutgeld (Part II)


O1.Kalter Stalhl
02.Comment Ca te plait
03.Cyborg Attack
04.Crying (Live)

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