Monday, March 12, 2007


After the success of previous albums ''Balance'' and ''Equilibrium'' US artist Glis return with an absolute must have release for all fans of Suicide Commando, Hocico etc...On ''Disappear!'' they veer from the path of EBM pop to incorporate harsher distorted vocals and much darker EBM industrial compositions, while keeping a modern and club-oriented dimension. Featured on a dozen high-profile compilations, the track ''No Pulse'' was an instant club-hit worldwide and here also receives remix treatment from stars of the electro scene such as FLESH FIELD, GRENDEL, TACTICAL SEKT, C-DRONE DEFECT and UNTER NULL.


Record Label:Alfa Matrix
Release date: Nov 2004


01. No Pulse0
2. Disappear!
03. No Pulse ( Flesh Field Mix )
04. No Pulse ( Grendel Mix )
05. Disappear! ( Cyclone-B Mix )
06. No Pulse ( C-Drone-Defect Mix )
07. Disappear! ( Virtual Embrace Mix )
08. No Pulse ( Tactical Sekt Mix )
09. Disappear! ( Re-Course Mix )
10. No Pulse ( Unter Null Rebalance Mix )


Glis-October Skies(Live @ Wave Gotik Treffen 2006)

Glis, named after glissando, is an synthpop/aggrotech band from Seattle. The band was started in 2001 by Andrea Ashdown and Shaun Frandsen. They released their debut album, Extract, in 2002, and were signed to Alfa Matrix records. In September of 2003, after Glis' second release, Andrea left to form her own musical project, Audiodoll. Shaun continued as the sole member of Glis, collaborating with such industrial music luminaries as Delobbo, Haujobb, Lights of Euphoria and NamNamBulu for his projects. He also wrote and performed most of the music for Ayria's 2003 debut album Debris.In 2005, Glis was joined by Jean-Luc De Meyer of Front 242 as vocalist for the new album Nemesis.

ElectronicStyle:EBM, Industrial, Trance


3.Nightvision (v2.0)
5.Letting go (feat. Jennifer Parkin)
6.Break away
7.Hate you (feat. Dominique of NEIKKA RPM)
8.It's empty in her eyes (overdosemix)

11.Summer lights
12.Resolution (Z PROCHEK mix)
13.Break away (closer mix by ASSEMBLAGE 23)

14.Discontent (IMPLANT mix)
15.Resolution (DELOBBO dvi mix)


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