Monday, July 16, 2007


Schattenschlag 2004 Gefuhlskalt
Site Com
Industrial, EBM

01 Introskopie
02 Gefuhlskalt
03 Deine Augen
04 Schlagabtausch
05 Nekromantik
06 Schlachtfeld: Europa
07 Nekromantik [Remix by Agonoize]
08 Deine Augen [Remix by Chris L-Dance or Die]
09 Gefuhlskalt [Remix by NoiseX]
10 Gefuhlskalt [Remix by Skoyz]
11 Electricity
12 X-Perience



Anonymous said...

hola como esta veo k tiene muy buen gusto para escucha rmuy buena musica y mas aun k casi tenemos los mismos gustos asi k me gustaria q me deje su mail asi para hablar le hiba mandar un mensaje por myspace ya q esta en mis friends pero bueno k mejor k por su blog ya q tengo mi blog ahi le dejo mi link


bst21 said...

hey man
i really love this place ... i can discover so many new bands ...
i try to find there the bands that i listen in my favorite gothic club (pi club - vienna Austria)
i think you have to try it ... (if one day you come to austria)
take care
"bonne continuation"

Anonymous said...

:( This link doesnt work any more...And I really want this album. I tried to buy it, but on the label they dont have any store... Just on internet...
Anyway, can you upload this album again and write me to when its done}?

Thanks so much!!!