Thursday, July 5, 2007


Katscan - Electropunk Scum
Katscan are an electronic,punk influenced Industrial band, taking old school industrial and snotty punk influences and combining them with a bucket full of zombies and a surgical obsession. They have a successful album (Feral BIOS), host of compilation appearances and masses of gigs behind them, have appeared in all the major UK metal and alternative press and been officially endorsed by 2000AD (Classic UK Comic Book.) You can download Katscan's tribute to the comic book's 'Nemesis The Warlock' character ('Be Pure, Be Vigilant, Behave!') from the official 2000AD website.
The current Katscan line up consists of:
Martin Katscan:Vocals and Music (studio)
Ed Oxime: Synths and Samples
Phil Able: Electronic Percussion

Katscan-Weapons Of Crass Dysfunction(2005)
1. Intro (Attack Of The Killer Clown) (1:42)
2. A Time For Hate (4:44)
3. Zombie Machine (4:13)
4. Feed And Breed (3:43)
5. Damn You All To Hell (3:51)
6. Joe Public (1:56)
7. Stutter Cut (4:26)
8. L Dopa (1:46)
9. You Love It You Shlaaggs (4:19)
10. Cheap Freak Trash (5:45)
11. Weapons Of Crass Dysfunction (3:58)
12. Hidden Track (1:27)


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