Friday, June 1, 2007


"Experimental" Side-project of Thomas Rainer, thinking head of L'AME IMMORTELLE, Siechtum proposes the cold and hard face Electro-industrial which will have a sound concerned the dancefloor and of an atmosphere manufacturer...

Siechtum - Gesellschaft:Mord (2000)
Genre: Industrial, Electro/EBM
Label: Matrix Cube
Country: Germany
Released: 26 May 2000
1 Stilbruch (3:00)
2 Gesellschaft Mord (3:35)
3 Rapid Eye Movement (4:25)
4 Agonie (4:49)
5 Dressed In Rape (4:09)
6 Gedankengift (3:04)
7 Luegenmarsch (4:10)
8 Waffenschwur (3:57)
9 Dunkler Tag (5:05)
10 Puppet Master (5:17)
11 Krachcollage (3:54)
12 Atomkernspaltung (4:59)
13 Bewegung! (Bis Der Arzt Kommt) (3:51)


Adriana Amaral (Lady A.) said...

hi!!! you´re welcome!!! so, do you live in france? how´s the dark electro scene there?

~DARKNESS~ said...

Thank you!
I am in contact with much group and completes work for them.
I like the dark electro for his claiming spirit like his freedom of expression in worms closed people.^^

Adriana Amaral (Lady A.) said...

very cool.. i´ll be following the material you post it...i agree with you on your opinion about darkelectro!!!
merci, a bien tôt

PsyAndrew said...

Dead link, re-upload it please!
Nice site!