Sunday, June 10, 2007

Noisuf X

The project's definition is simple and clear: An apocalyptic and fearful view of the world is what NOISUF-X, the side-project of X-Fusion, is dealing with. It describes a cold and hopeless atmosphere musically with harsh distorted beats, experimental sounds and pushing sequences. The recurrent soundstructures and its simple monotony build a catchy opposite to X-FUSION Jan Lehmkämper from Bochum/Germany

Noisuf X -Tinnitus (2006)

01. Tinnitus
02. Jezebel
03. Cocaine
04. Noizemare
05. Katatonie
06. My Time
07. Random Module
08. Tinnitus (Remixed By Heimataerde)
09. Jezebel (Remixed By Stahlfrequenz)
10. Noizemare (Remixed By Xotox)
11. Katatonie (Remixed By Am Inc.)
12. My Time (Remixed By Dioxyde)
13. Tinnitus (Remixed By Implant)
14. Hidden Track

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