Thursday, October 25, 2007

V/A - A Compilation Of The German Labels
(Noitekk & Black Rain 2007)
01-Die Sektor - When Porcelain Bleeds
02-Life Cried - As We Decay
03-Psyclon Nine - Aeaesthetic (For The Pathetic)
04-Iwr - Carnivore
05-Cyborg Attack - Stoerfucktor
06-Distorted Memory - Loss Of Faith
07-Tyske Ludder - Canossa
08-Feindflug - AK-47
09-Dawn Of Ashes - Abyss
10-Supreme Court - Voice Of Lying
11-FGFC820 - Martyrdom
12-Vigilante - Victims
13-Tactical Sekt - Syncope
14-Violent Entity - Cold As Ice


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Anonymous said...

C'est dommage, presque tous les liens qui ne sont pas Megaupload sont down :S